At PAULUS.WESTERWELLE, our practice encompasses legal advice on all fields of corporate law. Due to our many years of notarial experience, our lawyers benefit from a deep knowledge of company laws, in particular as regards M&A, limited liability companies (GmbHs), as well as public companies (Aktiengesellschaften) and partnerships (Personengesellschaften).

We advise on the process of establishing legal entities and on choosing the ideal legal form, taking into consideration economic, legal, and taxation aspects. We also provide advice on the preparation of individual articles of association and guide our clients at shareholder or annual general meetings, and assist businesses in all matters related to register law (Registerrecht) and documentation duties.

In the course of M&A transactions, we undertake the legal due diligence, prepare the contractual documentation, and ensure a timely transfer of business. We also review and prepare inter-company agreements and assist our clients in transformations in accordance with the Law Regulating Transformation of Companies (Umwandlungsgesetz). 

We also provide legal advice to families with regard to company succession as it pertains to tax, inheritance, and family law. Further, we offer counselling regarding the liability of board members, directors, and regularly represent shareholders in all corporate-related disputes.