As to the field of administrative law, our focus remains on attorney work. Administrative law is the domain of the executive, of public administration and thus is part of the public law. Administrative law governs especially the legal relations between the state and its citizens, but also the functioning of and relations between institutions of public administration. ByIn doing so, administrative law stipulates the basis and principles of the public administration and their duties and responsibilities. Special administrative law comprises specific regulations for particular fields and tasks of public administration, which are tailored to their special requirements and demands.

In this regard, we advise and represent our clients on problems related to

  • real estate related public law, such as building and construction law, monumental protection law and public fees;
  • , economic administration, i.e. operation of a business or a craft business including state subsidies;
  • , awarding of public contracts including reprehension and review procedures in front of procurement boards or courts;
  • , environmental, immission emissions, nature and landscape protection; and
  • public services.

We pursue a collaborative approach to achieve both time- and resource- saving solutions, which serve as a permanent basis for the relation to our clients. However, if need be, we are also well prepared to take matters to court.