Real estate investments by private persons or companies are of particular importance because of their transaction volume and because of of the long-term capital commitment. PAULUS . WESTERWELLE advises on all aspects of real estate law.

Real estate transactions
On a regular basis we provide legal advice to family offices, project developers and investors with regards to the acquisition and sale of properties, and especially larger portfolio transactions. Our services comprise preparation of all legal documents required for the transactions as well as drafting and negotiating the agreements for our clients.

Building and architectural law
We provide incisiveinsightful legal advice to our clients throughout the entire construction process. This involves in particular the preparation and review of construction and architects agreements, the assertion of claims in case of constructional defects and the provision of advice in cases of insolvency of the other party.

Tenancy law
Also, weWe offer comprehensive legal counselling with regards to residential and commercial lease agreements. This includes the preparation and review of lease agreements in the course of their conclusion, the management of existing lease agreements (especially assertion of or defence against rent increases and reductions as well as damage claims) and the economically feasible execution and termination of lease agreements. reductions as well as damage claims), and the economically feasible execution and termination of lease agreements.

Residential property law
We advise on all legal problems relating to residential property law (Wohnungseigentumsrecht). Our servicesservice comprises the review of respective SPA’s and partition declarations, provision of legal advice to the community of owners or single condominium owners with regards to the remediation of defects, structural alterations of the shared property as well as modernisations, supporting the property manager (Verwalter) in the course of the preparation of the owner’s meeting, review of the validity of resolutions of the community of owners, and collection of outstanding monies or representation of our clients at the owner's’owner's meeting.

Real estate brokerage law
Besides the legal interests of owners, landlords and tenants of real properties, we also represent the interests of brokers or their respective customers. Our services include the preparation of review of model agreements, the assertion of or defence against provision claims as well as defence against alleged damage claims.