Another specialisation of our law firm is in traffic law:

An accident can happen at any time - without one’s, but also by one’s (partial) fault. Thereafter, the parties involved are often confronted with an array of questions and have to render important decisions within a short period of time. Besides determining the question of liability, the enforcement of damage and / or compensation claims often provesprove to be more difficult than widely expected. Even in cases where responsibilities appear to be clear, a variety of problems might arise. Also, the car insurer of the other party regularly disposesmakes use of a higher degree of expert knowledge. In the event of an accident and in order to ensure the best possible exercise of your rights, we therefore advise you to quickly instruct a lawyer with handling the case and the enforcement of your claims. On a regular basis, your lawyer’s fees are borne by the car insurer of the other party (to the extent of their liability).
When handling matters related to traffic law, we benefit from the fact that several of our long- term clients are large insurance companies, who we extensively advise on traffic law and represent both in front and outside of the court. Our clients as insurees benefit from the experience we gain hereby. We are happy to advise you in case of a traffic accident.

We are happy to advise you in case of a traffic accident.