As lawyers and notaries, we deal with your most personal affairs. Because we are well aware of this fact, we attach the greatest importance to the safety of your data. Upon your request when particularly sensitive issues are concerned, we therefore restrict any electronic contact made with you and solely establish contact to you via post. In order to improve electronic communication, we offer you the use of an electronic file (WebFile) as well as encryption of all email traffic. This WebFile is based on the
procedure for “electronic banking”. We supply you with internet access to your entire correspondence in regard to your subject matter by use of a purpose-built virtual file. You will receive from us automatically generated personal login information by means of which you can easily access the WebFile from your personal computer. The WebFile is easy to use. You will be informed automatically via mail in case a new message or document is uploaded to the WebFile. Thereby we allow you to access the entire contents of your file at any time. Of course this system can also be used to communicate with us.

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As another form of secure communication, we offer encryption of your entire email correspondence with us, upon your request. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our lawyers in this regard.