Your notaries in Wiesbaden:

The notaries at PAULUS.WESTERWELLE provide the entire range of notarial services.

A notary is the bearer of a public office and therefore independent and impartial in his actions. His main duty is the notarisation of legal acts of any kind. Even though our official residence is in Wiesbaden, we counsel our clients nationwide in all legal matters that require notarial services

Every person can choose his notary irrespective of his place of residence or the place where an object is situated. We actively pursue a service-centered approach and are happy to serve our clients as contact persons at any time with regards to all legal queries. We always strive to deal with notarial matters as swiftly as possible. At any time, we are, of course, happy to arrange for appointments with all our notaries on short notice.

Our Wiesbaden-based notary’s office specialises in real estate and corporate law as well as in individually tailored succession planning.

Notaries for real estate

Our services in the field of real estate comprise the preparation and drafting of SPA’s, in particular in the course of advising on large- scale portfolio transactions.

The notaries at PAULUS.WESTERWELLE personally prepare and supervise the entire real estate transaction, be it the sale / purchase of a single or apartment house, commercially used property, a building site or a condominium suit. Moreover, we regularly draft declarations of division (Teilungserklärungen), hereditary building right, and property leasing agreements. We benefit from several decades of experience, as well as access to the corresponding literature and databases.

On a regular basis, the notaries at PAULUS.WESTERWELLE notarise and execute large project development and construction agreements. We also frequently advise property owners with regards to planning and development of properties both in Wiesbaden and supra-regionally the region.

Notaries for businesses

We advise businesses located in Wiesbaden and its surroundings with regards to the execution of share purchase and transfer agreements, shareholder and annual general meetings. We also provide on-going advice on matters related to register law (Registerrecht) and all other areas of corporate law.

The notaries at PAULUS.WESTERWELLE advise on which legal form to choose as well as on how to construct sustainable corporate structures by means of transformations and with consideration of tax-related matters. In general, we provide register excerpts and representation certificates for national and foreign companies upon demand on the same day. Additionally, we counsel companies which require authentication and / or d legalisation for foreign jurisdictions.

Notaries for families

With regards to family and inheritance law, the notaries at PAULUS.WESTERWELLE work to prevent conflicts and to secure assets for generations to come through preventive and custom preparation of transfer and inheritance agreements, last wills, and deeds of donation (Stiftungsurkunden).

We prepare full powers of attorney and powers of attorney for health care (General- und Vorsorgevollmachten) as well as directives for patients and guardianship (Patienten- und Betreuungsverfügungen) in cases of emergency.

Furthermore, regarding inheritance matters, the notaries at PAULUS . WESTERWELLE offer support and advice to ensure that the bereaved are able to fully consider and understand all options, in order to make the right choice given their individual circumstances (i.e. repudiation of an inheritance, distribution of an inheritance, application of for a German certificate of inheritance).

For married couples, we draft and prepare individual matrimonial agreements which provide not only legal certainty for the event of a crisis, but also general security for the families of both marriage partners.

Notaries for legal reports

Upon demand, with regard to complex legal questions, which often contain a foreign element or tax-related questions, we will provide you with legal reports that reflect current precedence and applicable literature.

Notaries for certifications

Another notarial duty is the binding certification of facts. To best serve this function, our notary’s office handles requests to certify signatures or other documents on the same day.